Many people know that calcium is the basic building blocks of bones, teeth, hair and nails.People who receive this item in the missing quantities susceptible to osteoporosis, they have deteriorating teeth, the hair falls out, and the nails become brittle.At the same time there may be muscle cramps, nervousness, mood becomes dark, may increase blood pressure.
Of course, you can get calcium from foods: cottage cheese, milk, beans, eggs.Only he absorbed from them completely, and the shortage begins simply washed out of the bones, teeth and hair.
in Badakhshan calcium is present in the form of carbonate, citrate, lactate and gluconate.Most assimilable form is calcium carbonate, in its composition contained 40% elemental calcium.In second plac
e is calcium citrate, a little behind him citrate, calcium gluconate and here is the most inefficient form of the element.These criteria should be considered when choosing dietary supplements with calcium.
contain calcium carbonate complexes "Complivit Calcium D3", which further contains vitamin D, which significantly increases the absorption of calcium."Complivit Calcium D3" is very affordable supplements that can be purchased at any pharmacy.It is important that this vitamin-mineral complex produced for the residents of Russia, taking into account the characteristics of their food and the climate.
Calcium in the form of citrate and carbonate contains "Calcemin Advanced."Additionally, this complex enriched with magnesium aground, zinc, boron and manganese.The combination of these elements contribute to the strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and the prevention of diseases of the joints and bones.
very rich composition is BAD "Mountain calcium D 3 is" from "Evalar."It contains calcium carbonate, vitamin D, titanium, phosphorus, nickel, tungsten and other elements.Only here, in order to cover the lack of calcium in the body is necessary to take 4 tablets a day.But "Complivit" or "Calcemin" enough to use only 2 pieces daily.If, based on the price, "Mountain calcium D 3 is" coming out much more expensive.
dietary supplements with calcium should be taken only under the supervision of a specialist doctor, because an excess of this element in the body may cause unpleasant side effects: bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain.To avoid this, you need to be tested and strictly follow the doctor's recommendations.