Uncomplicated mild infection

In milder forms of cystitis disease can be cured by the body through the immune system.The need for treatment may be determined by the physician on the basis of relevant studies and data available.In order to facilitate the possible pain and discomfort may be prescribed painkillers anti-inflammatory drugs (such as paracetamol or "Ibuprofen"), which will reduce the pain and discomfort.

In uncomplicated infections of this therapy is sufficient.To increase the rate of suppression of infection to the patient should also drink plenty of water.During treatment should avoid alcohol and coming into sexual contact, becauseThese factors can worsen symptoms.

Some patients note that during the positive treatment effect on the recovery rate having substances such as so
dium and potassium citrate.It was confirmed that the drugs, as part of which there are data elements that can alleviate the pain that occurs when you urinate.However, clinical studies can confirm this phenomenon actually missing, and so the use of such means should be performed only under medical supervision.

antibiotics in cystitis

In severe acute lesions of an infectious nature specialist may prescribe antibiotics.Usually the course of the use of antimicrobials in cystitis short duration (3-4 days), but the duration of treatment may depend on the extent and etiology of the disease.When complications of antibiotics may be increased to 10 days.Also, antibiotic therapy is indicated for re-infection disease and its duration can be increased.

¬ęTrimethoprim" - a narrow-spectrum antibiotic that is used to treat infections of the urinary system.The drug is recommended by the World Health Organization and is included in the list of the most important medicines.On the shelves of pharmacies medicine may also be sold under the name "INRA" and "Trimopan."The usual course of treatment means is 2-3 days, but may conduct enhanced therapy for up to 10 days.

with testimony to the "TMP" or the impossibility of its use for the treatment of an existing infection can assign no less effective "Ciprofloxacin" ("Tsiloksan", "TSifran", "Tsiprosan", "Altsipro"), which, however, is an antibiotic of a widespectrum.Allowed the use of "Augmentin" and "nitrofurantoin", which has antimicrobial exposure and can be realized under the name "furadonin."