drugs for headaches

drugs for headaches can be divided into several large groups.This pill, reduce or increase blood pressure, pain, antispasmodic, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory.In such a variety of drugs is easy to get confused.
When severe headache, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, bloating chest, immediately call an ambulance.These symptoms are considered harbingers of stroke or heart attack.

If you regularly have a headache, see your doctor to find out the exact cause.After the headache is not a disease.May cause symptoms such diverse causes: migraine, tension, problems with blood vessels, psychogenic factors, disturbance of diet, hunger, intoxication, differential pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid, etc.

migraine pain or stress, it is recomm
ended to shoot using NSAIDs.Ideal medicines based on ibuprofen, "Max", "Nurofen" "Brufen", "Ibuprom."

vascular headaches can drink tsitramon, medicines paracetamol, caffeine.For the systematic use of pharmaceutical products can only recommend the doctor after the patient's comprehensive medical examination.

headaches caused by high or low blood pressure, are also recommended to remove only with the help of drugs prescribed by your doctor.Self-medication can lead to dangerous consequences.
If you have problems with the cardiovascular system will be assigned pharmaceutical products for everyday use.With these tablets fails to stabilize blood pressure.The headache will pass you side.

Removing the headache without pharmaceuticals

headaches caused by overvoltage can be removed without the use of pharmaceuticals.Try to lie down in silence in the dark room.Make a head massage and neck area.Very much helps slow walk in the fresh air, warm bath with salt or essential oil, a cold compress on the forehead, quiet classical music.To the headache does not haunt you every day, promptly pass a medical examination, observe the regime of work and rest, give up bad habits.