Products that contain iodine

In order to meet the need for iodine in our body, it is necessary to use as many products containing it.Most iodine is found in seafood.Below is a list of the richest products of this trace element:

- cod liver oil;
- salmon;
- flatfish;
- shrimp;
- sugar kelp (seaweed) and so on.

Since the residents of almost all regions of Russia lack of iodine in food, use a food special iodinated products (salt, milk, and so on).

iodine during pregnancy

During pregnancy the need for iodine increases, so doctors from the beginning of pregnancy prescribe iodine in high doses.Lack of iodine can affect the mental and physical development of the fetus.With a strong lack of iodine can be provoked or stillb
irth will result in cretinism (severe mental retardation) baby.

During pregnancy, it is recommended a visit to an endocrinologist, which conducts tests for thyroid hormones zhzhelezy.If any violations it will allow time to prevent negative consequences.

With a lack of iodine

The most visible change with a strong lack of iodine is the emergence of endemic goiter, ie, swelling of the thyroid gland.The very condition called Graves' disease, at the same eye disease out of their sockets (bulging eyes), neck swells.To her the most inclined woman.With less the lack of iodine is reduced "psychological" immunity, that is, the person becomes sluggish, gets tired quickly, constantly experiencing drowsiness.Just suffer mental abilities and concentration.Increased appetite, as a consequence of constant fatigue can lead to obesity, but it will be difficult to lose weight after.Can not get enough air, strangling cough.

Removing thyroid

In some irreversible changes in the thyroid gland it is necessary to partially or completely removed.It conducts operations.After removal of the thyroid gland needs constant medical supervision.Appointed by hormones and, if necessary, and iodine, but only under strict supervision.Separate treatment in this case is excluded.


Iodine is used externally as an antiseptic, it is well-known alcoholic solution of iodine, which all anointed himself the wound and did iodine mesh.This group is the solution "Lugol" for the treatment of angina, as well as "Iodinol" (treatment of angina, venous ulcers, and so on) and some others.But drugs are prescribed iodine inside.They are applied with a deficiency of iodine.Below is a list of the most common:

- «Jodomarin" 100, 200 mg tablets;
- «Yodbalans" 100, 200 mg tablets;
- «Mikroyodid" 100 mg tablets, and so on.

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