effervescent aspirin is more convenient to use, since it is not necessary to drink tablets.Some people due to the individual characteristics can not swallow the tablet.Effervescent form fit, and patients who are forced to take a horizontal position, but because the pill just does not pass through the esophagus.

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negative impact on the gastric mucosa have any form of aspirin, when taken before a meal.Aspirin is always necessary to drink after a meal.Although effervescent tablets do not cause point ulcers.This can happen if the tablet sticks to the mucous membrane.
effervescent aspirin usually tastes good, it can facilitate the healing process.In cases where the medicine is taken sporadically, you can do the usual tableted aspirin.If it need
s to be taken regularly, then there is to use effervescent forms.

effervescent aspirin typically packaged in foil blisters that eliminates deterioration of the tablet.Paper blisters pills do not protect against the negative effects of moisture, so the pills can inadvertently get wet.

In circumstances where there is nothing and there is nothing to dissolve the effervescent tablet, it will be useless, whereas conventional tablets in extreme cases, you can drink juice, tea and other liquids.The high cost of effervescent forms of aspirin does not allow them to use for people with limited financial resources, whereas conventional tablets are much cheaper.

tablets easier to dose, dividing them on the cutting line on the balance of short-term storage of the tablet is not affected.Effervescent form can come into disrepair within a few hours after opening the package.

pelleted aspirin is much more dosage forms that accurately metered amount of drug.Thus, Aspirin Cardio-produced at a dosage of 75 to 325 mg.Quarter conventional tablet - is 125 mg.Divide into 4 pieces pill is not always easy, not to mention the fact that the measure of 75 mg.The tablet crumbles, disintegrates into fragments.

Types aspirin

If your doctor has prescribed you some form of release of aspirin, such as Aspirin or Aspirin Cardio-C (vitamin C), means that there is a reason, and this form is the most appropriate.In case you want to take an aspirin a different brand in your medicine cabinet medicine have some form of release, you should tell your doctor.The most common issue is resolved in favor of the wishes of the patient, as in any case, always one active substance - acetylsalicylic acid.