ammonia-anise liqueur (anise drops) has long helped to cope with the symptoms of cough and sore throat.Despite a wide range of medicines to help with inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the demand in pharmacies in the ammonia-anise drops remains high.
Side effects when taking aniseed drops low.But still consult with a specialist if you've never used the ammonia-anise drops.This will help avoid any unpleasant consequences, such as an allergy to the individual components of this drug.In case of overdose in humans can be observed phenomena such as nausea, vomiting, or bronchospasm.To avoid accidents, keep aniseed drops away from children.
therapeutic effect of the drug due to its essential parts - the alcohol extract of anise and ammonia.Anise
seeds, which is a plant of the family Umbelliferae, rich in essential oils.These essential oils contain a special ingredient - anethole.The compound responsible for the characteristic properties of anise etherate.Preparations on the basis of anise have a pronounced expectorant, relieve symptoms of inflammation.By stimulating the secretion of the glands of the bronchial tree, aniseed drops to actively contribute to the evacuation of mucus from the respiratory tract.You can do inhalations with the addition of anise drops.As for dosage, consult your doctor.
similar actions ammonia airways.Because the flushing action on pathological secretion glands located in the bronchi, ammonia facilitates efficient purification of the latter, thereby accelerating the regenerative processes in the epithelium of the mucosa.Synergistic action of ammonia and anise essential oil is widely used in the treatment of a wide variety of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.Tactics of treatment is quite simple: it is necessary several times a day to dissolve a sugar cube with the put 10-15 drops of medicine.
ammonia-anise drops have been applied and in pediatrics, a beneficial effect on the processes of gassing and evacuation of the gastrointestinal tract in children.Remarkably, apply a drop of anise can be the first year of a child's life, however, at a dosage of no more than 1 drop.In the future - in addition 1 drop for each subsequent year of life.Before use, dilute the drop of one tablespoon of warm boiled water.