Action drops from a cold

One of the main advantages of "naftizina" and similar drops is their performance: in a couple of minutes of the nose begins to breathe and runny nose retreats, it happens due to the composition of the drug containing effective components having vasoconstrictor action.

At first nasal congestion persists long enough, and you may feel fine for 9-12 hours, but "Naphthyzinum" and similar drugs are addictive.As a result, after 5-6 days intensive use rhinitis appears within a short period after the droplets were dripped into the nose. ┬źNaphthyzinum" can be used to stop bleeding from the nose.To this end, the nasal passage should put a cotton swab dipped in a 0.05% solution of the drug.

Uncontrolled taking t
he drug leads to the fact that you begin to develop chronic rhinitis, hypertrophic and atrophic having form.Extreme impact that vasoconstrictor components finishes inflammation of the nasal mucosa, and the person has a dangerous conviction that without these drops will not be able to live normally and to breathe.

In this case, reduce the dependence should be arisen, gradually reducing the dosage or discontinue the use of this drug at all.You can also change the usual medication on any other vasoconstrictor nasal drops.They will have the same effect, eliminating nasal congestion, and you get rid of the need to use harmful "Naphthyzinum." To eliminate swelling of the vocal cords should be used "Naphthyzinum" in the form of a spray.Suffice 2-3 clicks on the spray head to achieve the effect.

How to apply "Naphthyzinum┬╗

┬źNaphthyzinum" and similar drugs used to eliminate nasal congestion caused by rhinitis or acute nasopharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, or conjunctivitis.Therefore, in order not to self, before running to the drugstore for drops, consult your doctor.

the treatment of adult child's medication can not be used.For children there are analogues of these drugs, with a soft action, the pediatrician will help you choose the special drops for babies.If you use them yourself, limit the usage period of weeks and not bury them more than 3 times a day 1-2 drops in each nostril.Please note that even an exacerbation of rhinitis recommended dosage should not be increased.