As part of these preparations have codeine, which is used for the preparation of drug addicts desomorphine.Desomorphine - the second most popular drug after heroin in Russia.The reason is its accessibility, all the ingredients for its manufacture until recently you could buy in a regular pharmacy without a prescription.

Every year the number of drug addicts increases dezomorfinovyh several times, which could not but alarm the Federal Service for Drug Control.A ban on the free market should reduce the number of drug users or at least to limit the growth in their numbers.

addition to drug dependence of citizens, the ban is intended to wean the population from self.Came under restriction drugs - narcotic an
algesics or opioid type.Acting on the mediator and the opioid system of the brain, they cause euphoria and often lead to addiction.

However, these drugs are indispensable for acute pain, trauma, cancer thanks to a strong analgesic effect.Buy them still possible, but only by prescription.Undoubtedly, the ban affected and ordinary people as an opportunity to address to the doctor is not always available, for example, in acute dental pain at night or on weekends.

Replace prohibited for free sale of drugs can be less powerful, non-opioid analgesics or anti-inflammatory.It analgin, aspirin, paracetamol, diclofenac, baralgin, "Nurofen", "Pentalgin."Over time, the producers promise a unique appearance, no less powerful drugs without codeine.

Many doctors agree with the ban, as it should make people turn to medical care for severe pain.After all, these drugs have a very strong effect, and are usually used, in case of serious illness requiring treatment.Pursuing self-treatment, the patient only makes the situation worse, complicating the course of the disease, and pushing back the possible recovery.If you are constantly plagued by pain - no need to flee from their pain pills.Consult your doctor find the cause and cure.