First of all, pay attention to the fact that the majority of scientists and nutritionists believe that fully provide the body with vitamins, without the help of multivitamin complexes, it is impossible.In any case there will be a shortage of a desired body substance.Therefore it is necessary to choose the right pharmacy drug and regularly use it by combining with a variety of balanced nutrition.Especially since the pharmacy vitamins are digested faster and easier.
To ensure that vitamins have learned and really benefit the body, give preference to well-known large manufacturers of these products.Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the product, as well as the presence of instructions to the drug and the full list of vitamins, included in its composition.
not have high hopes for vitamins contained in the composition of a large number of colors, flavors and other excipients.If possible, it is best to consult a physician about what kind of vitamin complex prefer in your case.After all, there are drugs designed specifically for pregnant women, adolescents or athletes.
For better assimilation of vitamin choose complex comprising a part of the 13 basic elements.The fact that some of the vitamins are absorbed only in combination with each other or with mineral elements.If a tablet contains a daily dose of vitamins, take such a course is not longer than a month.Then go to a lower dosage of multivitamins.
accumulate in the body and cause an overdose may only fat-soluble vitamins, namely A, K, D and E. The rest of the material received in excess, freely excreted from the products of metabolism.