you need
  • - consulting a dermatologist;
  • - ointment Sulfuric simple.
The composition of sulfur ointment consists of two parts petroleum jelly, water and one part of sulfur.When applied to the skin of the sulfur reacts with the membranes of microorganisms, members of the epidermis and has anti-inflammatory, dries or softening effect - the net effect depends on the concentration of sulfur in the ointment.
When applied to the skin of 10% sulfuric ointment soften its outer layers, and the active substance acts on the parasites and microbes that are in the deep layers of the epidermis.This property sulfur ointment used in the treatment of scabies scabies treatment and destruction.The itching that accompanies the activity of parasites, usually held shortly after the start of treatment.
in cases involving increased ker
atinization: oily seborrhea, acne and pimples apply a more concentrated 33% sulfuric ointment.It loosens the upper layers of the skin and removes excess particles has a drying effect, increases blood supply to the skin cells and accelerates the metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis.
It helps to heal inflammation and resorption of deep acne scars.When applying concentrated ointment patients may experience slight itching, feeling of tightness of the skin, so you need to consult a dermatologist before starting treatment and should not exceed the designated dosage.
With caution should be used sulfuric ointment in the treatment of children - because of possible burning and itching children may experience some discomfort.In such cases, you need to carry out a pre skin test: in a limited area of ​​the forearm skin apply a thin layer of ointment and leave for 2.5-3 hours.If the site of application of the drug occur redness, itching, burning - do not use it to treat.
Before applying sulfur ointment to wash the body with warm soapy water, dry the skin well with a towel.Apply the ointment should be once a day, preferably at night, neat massage and wait until the cream is absorbed.Within 24 hours the area of ​​skin ointment should not be applied to wet with water.The course of treatment should be 7-10 days.