As used hormonal contraceptives

non-hormonal birth control pills are not required to use every day.They are used on the eve of sexual contact.Non-hormonal contraceptive formulations contain active agents (nonoxynol, benzalkonium) causing destruction and death of sperm.Because of this, the funds belong to the group of spermicides.They form a thin film on the walls of the vaginal mucosa.This film has a protective function, promotes condensation of the mucus in the cervix, causing it strongly decreases the activity of the sperm.In addition, non-hormonal contraceptive drugs have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect, protects against diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Before using non-hormonal contraception should consult a gynecologist.

Popular hormonal contraceptives

most common non-hormonal drug is "Pharmatex."Its release in the form of vaginal tablets, suppositories, vaginal globules, lotions, swabs.The drug exhibits its effect for three hours.Before using the pill "Farmateksa" needs to be wetted with water, and then ten minutes before intercourse to enter deep into the vagina.

With "farmateks" mechanism of action is similar to the drug "Ginekoteks."One vaginal tablet of this tool is used for only one sex.It is necessary to enter deeply into the vagina for five minutes before sex.The drug has an antibacterial effect.To enhance the effect, "Ginekoteks" recommended to be combined with the use of a vaginal diaphragm or IUD.Do not use after intercourse douching soap, as soap destroys the active ingredient of the drug, but execute the external genitalia toilet is not forbidden.You should know that "Ginoteks" can not be used for inflammation of the vagina. non-hormonal contraceptive agents are not recommended for use on a daily basis, because they can cause vaginal bacteria overgrowth.

popular are vaginal tablets "Patenteks Oval", "Kontseptrol", "Tratseptin."They need to be inserted into the vagina for ten minutes before sex, at the rate of one piece per sexual act.In the first six hours after using "Kontseptrola" a woman can not be held toilet genitals."Tratseptin" is not recommended for cervical erosion, obesity, may cause itching and burning in the vagina.