Making reference to camp

To enroll in the camp need to provide a document that reflects the physical health of the child.That document is a certificate form 079-y, which is issued by the district pediatrician at the request indicating past infectious diseases, chronic diseases, for vaccination and revaccination.

For registration certificate must visit the following medical specialists: a dermatologist, a neurologist, a dentist and pass laboratory tests: blood General clinical tests (KLA), the urine in the general clinical analysis (OAM) feces on research ova and protozoa, feces on enterobiasis.If necessary, the pediatrician may prescribe conduct additional laboratory investigations and issue directi
ons to visit certain medical specialists.Depending on the specialization of the camp, possibly expanding the range of studies and surveys.All directions are issued by a pediatrician.

Complete blood count and urinalysis

Blood on the overall analysis of surrenders from the finger on an empty stomach in the morning in a specialized laboratory in the children's health care setting.Before any analysis is necessary to exclude the exercise, emotional excitement should be a little sit down, relax and unwind.To pass on a general analysis of urine should be purchased at the pharmacy container for biological material.In the morning take a shower, to collect midstream urine svezhevypuschennoy sterile container, mark it by specifying the name, first name, date of birth, date of collection of biological material, delivered to the laboratory in the shortest time.One day before the date of the analysis should not drink plenty of fluids.

study fecal worm eggs, protozoa and enterobiasis

Kal for research on helminth eggs and protozoa neobodimo collected in a clean, dry container, after appropriate hygiene procedures.Capacity to sign, indicating surname, first name, date of birth and date of collection of biological material, delivered to the laboratory for analysis.Feces collected from different parts of the stool.To conduct the study feces enterobiasis need to advance in the laboratory to take a special cotton swab in a sterile container.Feces collected from the folds around the anus morning and delivered to the laboratory for analysis.Results fecal enterobiasis valid for 10 days.

Documents for medical help

Visiting physicians and delivery of laboratory tests in the clinic in the community need to have only a policy of compulsory medical insurance.To pass the medical examination in another health care setting, it is necessary to take the child's birth certificate, health card, an identity document.