alcoholate Calendula has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action, so the drug could not be better suited to deal with rashes on the skin.Calendula officinalis is characterized by a wound-healing effect, tinctures based on it help to cleanse the skin, to cope with acne, blackheads.Laboratory means to accelerate cell regeneration.

The use of tincture of calendula acne

based on calendula tincture is prepared not only, but also broths.They can be used for the prevention of acne for people with dry and normal skin.If the skin type is defined as a "combination", "prone to fat", recommended the tincture of flowers on alcohol or vodka.Make a mixture can own, but safer to use the finished tincture, purchased at a pharmacy. Honey lotion with calendula tincture dosage indicated for use only in cases, i
f you are not allergic to honey.

Apply tincture of calendula acne in several ways.The most common version of the spot cautery rash, drug perfectly removes inflammation.Apply tincture of acne need a cotton swab and leave the liquid to dry.Method of accelerating the healing of scars, it is necessary to use at least two or three times a day.You can also apply compresses - cotton pads soaked in tinctures of calendula.

lotions and masks for acne with calendula tincture

beneficial to the skin lotion with calendula tincture.Widely known recipe for honey lotion, for its preparation you need to mix 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of liqueur.The mixture was kept in the dark at night, to wipe the face lotion with honey must be twice a day.This lotion is suitable for the treatment of acne, it can be used as a compress. Although highly effective in treating acne, calendula tincture is not necessary to use constantly, and often means may dry up the skin.

Medical mask with calendula tincture on alcohol to help cope with acne, heal wounds.For it will need to enter in one tablespoon of alcohol tincture of the same amount of flour.It is necessary to mix the ingredients to make the dough has turned watery, if necessary, add a little boiling water.The mask should resemble the consistency of sour cream.The resulting mixture is necessary to impose on cleansed face for 15 minutes, then wash off the mask-dough and rub skin lotion suitable.