unbalanced nutrition and diet, as well as to replenish the body's lack of nutrients recommended to take "Alphabet classic".It may take both children and the elderly.The complex contains such components that are needed for the general population of RF.Proper and balanced mix of vitamins and minerals helps to prevent disease and maintain a healthy immune system.
To facilitate and reduce infectious and inflammatory diseases and enhance immunity in children aged 3 to 12 years offer "Alphabet in the season of colds for children."Also, this vitamin-mineral complex normalizes intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics.The composition is enriched with prebiotics and is equipped with all the esse
ntial minerals and vitamins for quality development and growth of the child.For adults there is a "Letters to the season of colds."
«Alphabet our baby" is available for young children from 1 to 3 years.It contains ingredients that improve appetite and normalize sleep, restore and strengthen the immune system after illness, stimulates mental development and reduce nervous excitability and irritability.Necessary nutrients can be found in the vitamin complex "Alphabet kindergarten" for children aged 3-7 years.These vitamins are especially good with the child's adaptation to kindergarten.
Children from 7 to 14 years are recommended to take "Alphabet schoolboy."It helps students improve mental capacity for work, to improve exercise capacity, strengthen the immune system and easier to adapt to emotional stress.For adolescents aged 14-18 developed "Alphabet teenager."In addition to standard set of positive, effective vitamin affects the appearance and structure of the nails, skin and hair.
pregnant women and mothers during lactation suggest the use of "Alphabet mother's health."The complex has all the necessary ingredients for proper development of a child's nervous system and a good pregnancy.Opposing strong floor should be "Alphabet for men."It combines a set of minerals and vitamins to maintain health and improve male vitality.
For the prevention of heart and vascular diseases and osteoporosis in the elderly from 50 years, it is desirable to drink "Alphabet 50+".The complex together with the other components contains a large dose of calcium and carotenoids.Working-age population recommend "Alphabet energy."It helps to restore power after an intense working day and stimulates mental activity.
People suffering from diabetes or a predisposition to it, fit the special "Alphabet diabetes."The vitamin contains components which are well affect glucose tolerance.
For women developed "Alphabet cosmetics" to improve the condition of hair, nails and hair.Lovers of fitness and sports should be "Alphabet effect" to increase physical stamina, reduce lactic acid, as well as rapid recovery of the body after heavy workouts.