When justified by the use of candles against constipation?

Constipation can be of two types: cologenic and proctogenic.In the case of constipation cologenic intestinal contents for various reasons lingers above the anorectal area.This may be due to inadequate bowel tone, various obstacles in the form of scars or tumors.In the case of constipation rectoanal content enters the rectum, and then have difficulty having a bowel movement.

Candles affect only the rectum, so the only effective when rectoanal problems.In this regard, use of rectal suppositories can be only in cases where the known type of constipation. The use of candles in the cologenic constipation can aggravate the situation.

Types of rectal suppositories for constipation

There are a variety of rectal suppositories for constipation.Their selection will depend on such things as age, presence of additional problems (hemorrhoids, anal fissure), such as effects on the body.For each drug of interest mozhdno find reviews at appropriate forums.

Candles constipation glycerol

They are among the most benign means.Glycerin suppositories contribute to the softening of the stool and stimulate contraction of the rectum, gently irritating it available receptors.Do not use in the presence of inflammation and anal fissures, hemorrhoids exacerbation. Glycerin suppositories can be used even in the position of women and nursing babies.

Blowing laxatives candles

This group of drugs includes sodium bicarbonate.In the process of disintegration of the candles emit carbon dioxide, increasing the pressure in the rectum and annoying receptors, thereby stimulating the process of reduction of the intestinal wall.Blowing candles have virtually no contraindications.


Its foreign analogues is "Dulkolaks."These candles help to soften the stool and stimulate the receptor.They can not apply during pregnancy, children up to two years, in the presence of peptic byuolezni intestine, acute proctitis, hemorrhoids.


These candles are used in hemorrhoids, anal fissures, not long constipation.With strong they are ineffective, since largely intended to prevent stagnation associated with hemorrhoids.

sea buckthorn

rectal suppositories are used for constipation caused by anal fissures and hemorrhoids.The drug is only natural.It has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory action.

Excessive use of rectal suppositories against constipation is not recommended because the body can get used to them.This, in turn, will lead to the fact that without appropriate stimulation of intestinal receptors will not fire.