Indications for "Imunofan»

«Imunofan" prescribed for the treatment of immune deficiency in adults and children in toxoplasmosis, kriptosporah, chlamydia, herpes first and second types, cytomegalovirus infection.The drug is used for treatment of papillomatosis, brucellosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Defter, burns, bacterial endocarditis, poorly healing wounds."Imunofan" is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis (B and C), AIDS, HIV infection, cancer pathology.The drug is released in the form of injectable solution and in the form of rectal suppository. «Imunofan" takes effect within two to three hours after application.The maximum therapeutic effect occurs within four months.

Instructions for Use "Imunofan»

When cancer "Imunofan" administered intramuscularly injections do once a day, every other day.Before chem
otherapy, radiation therapy make the course of 3-5 injections.Before surgery is done 2-3 prick "Imunofan."For the treatment of chlamydial infections, herpes 1 and type 2, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasma at, kriptosporah need to do 15-20 injections once a day, every day.It can be used to treat these diseases candles "Imunofan" - 15-20 pieces for the entire course.They need to be administered once a day every day.In diphtheria 8-10 injections must be made once a day or every 8-10 apply candles.In psoriasis inject the drug once a day for eight to ten days, suppositories are used once a day for fifteen to twenty days. Application "Imunofan" effective in conjunction with steroid and non-steroidal drugs.

«Imunofan" is used in the complex therapy in children and adults with ocular inflammatory diseases: when keratitis, keratouveitis administered 0.5 ml of the drug subkonyunktivalno (injection under the outer shell of the eyeball), at the same time can assign an intramuscular injection oncea day every day.In the course of treatment will require 7-10 injections.With the defeat of the posterior parts of the eye and the generalized inflammatory drug prescribed 0.5-1.0 ml parabulbarno (injection through the skin in the area of ​​the lower eyelid) in combination with intramuscular injections once a day, a course of treatment requires 15-20 injections.

contraindications, side effects "Imunofan»

«Imunofan" is contraindicated in children under two years of pregnancy complicated by Rh-conflict, when diagnosed hypersensitivity.The drug is usually well tolerated, but may cause allergic reactions.