comply with bed rest and isolates from healthy people to prevent their contamination.Wear cotton-gauze bandage, talking to members of the family;Use separate utensils and towels.Try to spend more time in bed, especially if accompanied by a strong flu fever.
If you go to work, paying no attention to their health, a high risk of complications from cardiovascular, bone and heart apparatus.Call a doctor in the house, then to freely obtain a medical certificate.
symptomatic treatment of influenza.In order to reduce the temperature reaches above 38 degrees, take a complex drug, which has proved extremely positively."AnviMaks" contains a whole range of substances that lower the temperature, destroy viruses,
relieve nasal congestion and swelling, increases the protective reaction of the body, reduce capillary fragility.The drug comes in the form of water-soluble powders.
With flu, especially occurs with temperature, should maximize the amount of drinking.Eat mineral water, juices, tea, herbs teas, fruit drinks.Eliminate alcohol, because they increase the toxicity, causing deterioration of general condition.
Daily ventilate the room for a time out of it.The accumulation of pathogens prevents rapid recovery, because there is a constant perezarazhenie.It is advisable to carry out wet cleaning.
If you do not mind a fever, not wrapped in a thick blanket, because it can provoke even greater increase in temperature.Do not wear too warm clothes.
Do not take antibiotics, even if you are concerned about the very high temperature of the flu.Viral infections are not amenable to treatment with antibacterial drugs.Immunosuppression due to their acceptance will cause only complications.Severe pain in the throat remove lozenges containing local anesthetics.Since nasal congestion cope vasoconstrictor drops.
Whereas during the flu "AnviMaks", you will significantly improve your health, but it does not mean that you can go to work or do business.Try about a week to comply with bed rest.After the visit a therapist and hand over complete blood count to check the state of health and identify potential problems.