«Jeanine" refers to a low-dose estrogen-progestin contraceptives, it blocks ovulation and changes the viscosity of the cervical mucus, making it impenetrable to sperm."Janine" take every day at the same time for 21 days, then make the 7-day break.In this break occurs menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding, it is called withdrawal bleeding.It is not menstruation, since there was no ovulation, but allows update of the endometrium, the woman feels more comfortable as the usual mode of life saved.Bleeding usually occurs 2-3 days after the last pill.Receiving a first start of the next pack pill is needed after a 7-day pause whether or not bleeding ended.Each tablet in the package is signed according to days of the week.It simplifies control and allows women to start taking
any day of the week.
Primary reception starts on the first day of the menstrual cycle, ie the first day of menstrual bleeding.In this case, the contraceptive effect occurs by the end of the first day.The woman may start taking "Jeanine" up to 5 days of the menstrual cycle, it may be necessary if you need to move the withdrawal bleeding for a few days.In this case it is necessary to abstain from sexual relations or use a barrier method during the first weeks of "Janine".
For women who start taking "Jeanine" after the combined contraceptive transdermal patch or vaginal ring, a special scheme.Reception "Jeanine" should start immediately after the last pill from the blister combination contraceptives.If contraceptive containing 21 drops, it is allowed to break, but no longer than 7 days.This allows the woman to adjust the timetable for withdrawal bleeding.If the blister 28 pills, the last 7 are inactive, and therefore receive "Janine" to start immediately after the blisters in the finish all the pills.Reception "Jeanine" after the removal of the vaginal ring or patch to start the day of removal, but not later than the day when it should have been introduced a new ring.
When switching from progestin drugs, injectables and implants require additional contraception for 7 days after receiving the first jelly beans "Janine".When switching from progestin preparations woman can not drink up the rest of the package, and immediately start drinking "Janine".In the transition from the implant or intrauterine device should wait for the day or the subsequent removal of the injection, otherwise there will be an overdose of hormones.
«Jeanine" after an abortion are beginning to take immediately, in which case the contraceptive effect is observed on the first day of admission.After childbirth and after abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy, "Janine" begin to take on the 21-28 day, and if a woman has already had sexual intercourse, pregnancy must be excluded.Normally used in the analysis of the hCG as the method of ultrasound on this term can be uninformative.
If skipping pills made less than 12 hrs., The missed pills should be taken immediately, and the subsequent taking as usual.Additional contraceptive measures are not needed.If skipping pills was more than 12 h., You need to take the missed pills immediately and for 7 days to use barrier methods of contraception.It is allowed to take two pills in a row.If pills were missed in the third week of receiving the recommended start taking from the next pack without the 7-day break.To correct the day of menstruation, for example in the holiday period, you can cancel "Jeanine" any day of the reception, or start taking pills from the second package.Drops from the second package can be taken to the point until they run out.In the case of pregnancy while taking "Janine" the drug should be discontinued.A woman should consult a doctor.Saving pregnancy is recommended as "Janine" has no negative effects on the fetus, but if you want a woman she may be asked to abortion.