What are analogues of drugs

Each pharmaceutical company before to market, acquiring a patent on the brand drug.This is done to increase trading profits, as well as to the consumer to distinguish between drug of this brand among many similar drugs.

Enterprises, quickly oriented to the market of medicines and have a modern research base, manage to secure the right to produce the drug under the name that matches the name of the active substance, and all others can only produce analogues of the drug. The composition of analogues "CARS" is the active ingredient silibinin.

Health Ministry issued an order according to which the doctor in the appointment can not specify the name of a specific drug, but only its active ingredient.In this case, the consumer before the purchas
e in pharmacies should gather as much information about it, to be able to navigate well in this question and choose the optimal variant of the drug.The difference may be in the country of origin of the drug and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies but often analogs may differ substantially in price - in greater or smaller side.

Analogs "CARS»

In medical practice, a few number of hepatoprotective drugs with different names, in which the active substance is also silymarin.These drugs have the same characteristics and their action is similar to "karsilom» All analogues "CARS" have the ability to regenerate liver cells and stimulate the function of purifying the blood in the body.

drug "Levasil»

«Levasil" - as hepatoprotective drug, based on the active ingredient silymarin.Besides him, the product contains B vitamins, which help restore liver cells and accelerate the recovery of the hepatic parenchyma in toxic poisoning, as well as stepping up its detoxifying function.

Reception "Levasila" is shown with cirrhosis of the liver, its fatty, it is also possible to use it for the prevention of alcohol intoxication to strengthen the liver cleanses the blood.

drug "Legalon"

"Legalon" - another analogue of the "CARS".It is based on the active ingredient silymarin and silibinin herb milk thistle.Together, these components can have a good effect on regenerating liver cells.The effect of this drug clearly confirms the improvement in blood chemistry.Part of the preparation of the complex therapy at various poisoning of the body, with severe liver dysfunction.