If you plan to replace one drug to another, or go to barrier methods on tableted protection from unwanted pregnancy and, if you have never used any drugs such action, contact your gynecologist andHaving received the recommendation on reception.
use any hormonal drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor.If you are advised to "Yarin" girlfriend or friend, it does not mean that the drug will suit you as well as she.Therefore, no matter for what reason you are going to use the "Yasmin", get expert advice.
drug in a blister pack contains 21 tablets, take it inside with a small amount of liquid in order at one and the same time.If you have not taken any contraceptive, the first pill will be assigned to take on the first day of the menstrual cycle, then do a s
even-day break and continue to receive on the same circuit.During the break, there will be a menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding, which usually starts on day 2-3 and ends at the time of receiving the next tablet.If you start receiving "Yasmin" is not the first day, for example, from second to fifth, use an additional barrier method to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
When changing from one oral contraceptive, which contained 21 a pill to "Yarin" drink from the previous blisters last pill, take a break 7 days, on the eighth day take the first pill from the pack, "Yasmin"21 days make a seven-day break.With the mini-pill switch to "Yarin" can be carried out without interruption.If you take a 28-day pills, immediately after the last twenty-eighth tablet from the blister, the next day began receiving "Yarin".
after a medical abortion starts receiving "Yasmin" on the first day after surgery.If an abortion occurs in the second trimester to begin accepting "Yasmin" is possible on the day 21-28.