you need
  • - candles with sea buckthorn oil;
  • - candles "Natalsid";
  • - candles "Relief."
Pregnant common hemorrhoids because of poor blood flow in the pelvic area arising from the pressure of the fetus.The disease begins to develop in the third trimester of pregnancy or after childbirth.Symptoms of hemorrhoids are blood clots dark red, bleeding severity, discomfort and itching in the anal area.In pregnancy, the disease is required to be treated as hemorrhoids negative impact on health.
A proven means of hemorrhoids considered buckthorn candles.They provide the fastest and have the effect of gentle character.Candles have no side effects.The only drawback is the leakage of the drug content.Therefore, before using it should be reserved postpartum or larg
e-liners.After the introduction of rectal suppositories have to be in a relaxed state for about 30-40 minutes.Some pregnant themselves made candles - cotton swabs soaked in sea buckthorn oil and immediately administered.
Candles "Natalsid" composed of natural polysaccharide, which is produced from brown algae growing in the sea.He is one of the best preparations for hemorrhoids, which can be used without fear at any stage of pregnancy.A week drug therapy in patients with a decrease in the inflammation of hemorrhoids.Pathological symptoms disappear after two weeks of treatment.Among the side effects noted local allergic reaction.
Pregnant successfully used for hemorrhoids candle "Relief", consisting of shark liver oil.The tool has a good healing and anti-inflammatory effect.The basis of candles include cocoa butter, softening unit, and benzocaine, which quickly relieves pain.Therefore, allergic reactions to these ingredients should abandon the drug.
These three drugs consist of only natural ingredients and are safe for the health of the pregnant woman.Candles should be used after emptying the bowel.An excellent option is to introduce a rectal suppository before going to bed and leave it overnight.You should also take preventive procedures to prevent the disease.To do this, after each bowel movement is recommended to wash with cold water or a decoction of chamomile, to keep a certain diet and maintain a valid and active lifestyle.From folk remedies many pregnant women use candles made from potatoes, ointment from honey and cinnamon infusions of herbs celandine with St. John's wort and camomile.