The drug

acetylsalicylic acid was first synthesized in 1853, and by 1897 had opened the possibility of its medical use.The drug began to spread in 1899, but its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects were discovered later.By 1983, it was discovered another useful property of the drug - lowering the risk of death or heart attack in patients with angina.Often, "Aspirin" and is used to treat certain diseases in the hospital under medical supervision.

Today the drug is used in many countries.Acetylsalicylic acid is added to such formulations as "Tsitramon" "Atselizin".From the "aspirin" is also made of injection.However, despite its beneficial properties of the drug it has its negative side.

side effects

The day allowed to take no more tha
n 4 grams of "aspirin."Excess dosage can cause damage to the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver.These risks make the medication dangerous for health.Among other side effects noted sweating, tinnitus, hearing fall, numerous allergic reactions.

drug is forbidden to take people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).Due to the chemical reaction that occurs when the contact material with stomach ulcers may occur already in the affected areas of the stomach and intestines.The high probability of occurrence of ulcers in people who regularly take aspirin.Most causes heavy damage "Aspirin", sold in pill form.Chronic administration can occur phenomena such as stomach and intestinal bleeding.Pills "aspirin" should only be taken after a meal, pre-chopped, and drinking plenty of fluids.Abroad, acetylsalicylic acid is available in acid-resistant shell, in order to avoid contact with the walls of the stomach medication.

Chronic administration of the drug is often a phenomenon of anemia, the treatment of which require constant medical supervision.Also, there are cases of allergic reactions to "Aspirin", especially in people who are sensitive to penicillin.When excessive sensitivity to the drug develops aspirin asthma.It is forbidden to take aspirin to pregnant women in the first 3 months of pregnancy.