Description and pharmacological action

"furadonin" - a synthetic drug, an antimicrobial agent.It is a broad spectrum antibiotic, the main active ingredient of which is a derivative of nitrofuran - nitrofurantoin.

nitrofurantoin has a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect in inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.Well derived from the gastrointestinal tract, is completely eliminated by the kidneys, and is excreted in breast milk, so it is not recommended during lactation.

Available "furadonin" tablets of 0.05 grams and 0.1 grams in a package of 20 pieces, as well as soluble in the intestine tablets (this form is provided for children) dose of 0.03 g of 30 pieces in the package.

Indications drug

"furadonin" is assigned in the presence of infections of the genitourinary system, pyelonephritis, urethritis, pielitetsistite, inflammatory diseases of the
genitourinary system, as well as in urology to prevent infections during diagnostic tests such as catheterization, cystoscopy,and various surgical interventions.

Dosing and Administration

In order to prevent infectious diseases appoint 1 (0.05 or 0.1 mg) tablet "furadonin" per day.In the presence of lung infection - for half tablets 3 times a day.In severe exacerbations of chronic and severe infections: 1 tablet 3-4 times a day.With care prescribe medication to children aged three years.For them, the dosage was 3 mg per 1 kg of body weight for the four doses per day.The duration of treatment is 7 days.At insufficient treatment result can be extended to 10 days.With long-term use of the drug as maintenance (preventive) therapy should gradually reduce the dose of nitrofurantoin. Accept "furadonin" you want to share with prebiotics and food, to maintain normal bowel miklofloru.

drug should only be taken at the dosage specified in the instructions.

Side effects

Reception "furadonin" can cause a number of side effects to the respiratory system, digestive system, central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system.For example, quite often, patients who use furadonin complain of chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, asthma attacks in patients with a history of asthma.Also available are shortness of breath, pulmonary infiltrates, pneumonitis, fibrosis, eosinophilia.Among frequent adverse symptoms - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, stomach discomfort, abdominal pain.To avoid nausea, experts advise, drink "furadonin" with plenty of water.Or will have to wait until the end of treatment. Accept "furadonin" is necessary before eating, drinking plenty of water.

Sometimes patients during treatment may experience headaches, migraines, lethargy, increased intracranial pressure, various allergic reaction: hives, rash, pruritus, angioedema, in rare cases - anaphylactic shock, dermatitis and other sideeffects.They include flu-like symptoms, arthralgia, urinary tract superinfection, which provokes the development of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Typically, professionals involved in the development and research of a drug reinsured are listed in all the possible side effects - up to one case per 100,000 people - the body's reaction to the active ingredient of the drug.Therefore, to accurately predict whether you will be urticaria, allergic to the drug or not, it is difficult to predict.But if history were allergic reactions, asthma and other diseases in which may cause adverse reactions, just in case it is necessary to warn them of your doctor.If necessary, it will select the most suitable analogue.But it is worth remembering that the active substance analogues of this drug is still the same nitrofurantoin.Therefore, the appearance of the above side effects takes place in the treatment of other drugs.


"furadonin" is not recommended for people with a severe impaired renal excretory function, increased sensitivity to nitrofurantoin, people suffering from heart failure, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, porphyria, diabetes diabetomy.Under the ban reception "furadonin" pregnant women and during lactation, as it has a serious impact on the microflora of the mother's body, and, consequently, on the baby.Given the complexity of side effects, do not prescribe medication to children and the first years of life.When a child is three years old drug is given in accordance with the recommended doses.This requires constant monitoring of the patient.

Precautions should ascribe "furadonin" anemic, electrolyte disturbances, renal failure, deficiency of vitamins of group B. In this case, significantly increased risk of developing peripheral neuropathy.You should not assign treatment "furadonin" prostatitis and purulent paranephritis.