soothing teas

Easy effective sedative for children with increased excitability and disturbed sleep are special baths.They are prepared using a variety of grasses.For example, nettle, valerian, lavender, peppermint or pine broth.This procedure is recommended to be carried out in the evening, before going to bed.Relaxing baths actively affect the nervous system of the child, soothing him.They can be assigned to virtually from birth to a child and adulthood.

Typically, fees for the preparation of baths acquire pharmacies.For babies up to a year it is recommended to prepare a decoction of a single species of grass.For older children a great soothing effect is based on the collection of valerian root, grass succession, motherwort and lemon balm leaves.Collecting brewed and insist beforehand an
d have a swim before the infusion is added to the warm water.

Sol sedative procedures

One of sedatives, valid for use from an early age is a simple sea salt.It eliminates irritation and has a tonic effect on the skin.Apply for the preparation of sea salt baths.Such procedures neurologists often prescribed for children with nervous excitability, and the manifestation of rickets, a sleep disorders and birth injury.Often the bath with sea salt prescribed as a tonic.

In order restorative effect and prevention of sleep disorders using a low concentration of sea salt in an average of 2-5 grams per liter of water.The water temperature in this case is 37-38 ° C.The average length of admission procedures - 10-15 minutes.

in stores and pharmacies sell a combination of drugs - sea salt with a small addition of various essential oils of medicinal plants.When excessive irritability and poor sleep - it must be a salt with mint or lavender oil.


Sedations in the form of suspensions, tablets and syrups for young children apply only if there is a problem with the nervous system, stress, severe psychological trauma.However, their reception is carried out exclusively on a doctor's prescription and under his control.

drug with bromine is used to affect the nervous system.Thereby regulating the process of excitation and inhibition.The child who receives a similar drug, may show signs of suppressing excitability expressed drowsiness and lethargy.