drug "Neo-Anuzol" is used during pregnancy is strictly under medical supervision and in the recommended doses.Candles reduce pain, inflammation and clean heal the bleeding wounds.The active ingredients of the drug: subnitrate, reduces bleeding;Methylene Blue having the property decontaminated colon mucosa;iodine inhibits the growth of bacteria on the hemorrhoids;rezortsiniol related to antibacterial agents;zinc oxide, which has antiseptic, dried and astringent.Do not confuse this medication with "Anuzol", which in its composition contains an extract of belladonna, which is a poisonous plant."Neo-Anuzol" may cause irritation of the mucous membranes and the skin around the rectal area.
Suppositories are applied on 1 piece, two to three times per day.The course of treatment lasts up to improve the patient's condition.
Another option candles safely used during pregnancy is "Advanced Relief."The product contains oil from shark liver that provides effective wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.The basis used cocoa butter, having a softening property, and benzocaine, which is an anesthetic and analgesic.Candles should be used after the hygiene procedures.Pregnant women are recommended to use 1 suppository 4 times a day - morning, afternoon, before bedtime and after each bowel movement.
«Natalsid" - medicine, providing hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as having a reparative activity.The active ingredient is sodium alginate, which is obtained from marine brown algae.Candles reduce bleeding, eliminate inflammation and promote tissue regeneration.The suppository is administered into the colon well-washed hands after cleansing enema or spontaneous bowel movement.Duration of the course - 7-14 days for 1 piece twice a day.In applying the drug may experience itching and burning sensation around the anus.Candles "Natalsid" may be used at any stage of pregnancy.
also for the treatment of hemorrhoids while waiting toddler widely used "Candles with sea buckthorn oil."Duration of treatment - 10-15 days.The only problem may be leaking the contents of a suppository.The result of this trouble are discomfort and washes stains on clothes.