In order to prevent the complications of influenza, the first hours of onset of the disease need to start taking the combined antiviral agents that can help get rid of the painful symptoms and speed recovery.Proven effective in the fight against influenza is different "AnviMaks."This modern antiviral drug that has both antipyretic, analgesic, interferonogenic, angioprotective and antihistamine action.
Along with taking the antiviral drug should significantly increase the amount of fluid intake.Especially useful if you have symptoms of flu to drink cranberry juice and lemon tea.Pathogen
s are killed in an acidic environment, so the use of drinks that are rich in vitamin C helps in the healing process and significantly reduces the risk of complications.
The program of prevention of complications of influenza and include access to a doctor within 2 days after the first signs of the disease.On the basis of the patient's complaints, inspection and test results an expert make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.In order to quickly deal with the infection and prevent complications of influenza, it is necessary to strictly follow all recommendations of your doctor, do not violate the prescribed treatment and not to proceed to active even at improving the condition of not completing treatment.
not recommended during flu smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.Tobacco products and alcohol significantly undermine the immune system of a healthy person, and for patients with viral infection and all are considered to guarantee adherence to the existing disease of other serious diseases.Cigarette smoke dries the mucous membrane of the nasal passages and literally paralyzes the ciliary layer, whose main function is excretion from the respiratory tract influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.
prevent diseases is much easier than to treat the infection and resulting from the development of its complications.The most effective way to prevent influenza, taken public health, is vaccination.Current flu shot - is a highly purified preparation, the use of which does not cause pronounced side effects.Vaccination should be carried out in early autumn before the influenza epidemic.Repeat it should annually to establish a stable immunity to the most common form of the disease.