Sometimes people say, "I'm just so I have the flu, I'm sick."And yet I do not even know how far they are from the truth.Flu - this is not a cold.The only thing they may be right - is that the supercooled body becomes an easy target for many viruses and bacteria that can cause a variety of diseases.Among them are wormed and orthomyxoviruses kind of Influenza A, B, which, strictly speaking, cause the flu.
contagiousness of the flu is very high, each year during the season they get sick about 20-30% of children and 5-10% of adults on the planet.Depending on the type of virus disease can occur in different ways, its consequences can also vary from person to person.Someone just otlezhus 5-7 days in bed, and for someone to the disease can be fatal, result
in serious complications and even cause death.
Infection occurs so-called air-borne.This means that the viruses are spread through the air with droplets of fluid secreted by person during coughing or sneezing.The infected portion of the air inhaled human health, enters the bronchial tubes, and viruses immediately deploy aggressive action.
While the patient's immune system can not cope with the unwanted invaders, a man becomes a kind of reservoir, transporting a pathogens.But sometimes become carriers of the flu and animals.In those places where people are still working closely with pets, for example, is constantly taking care of them, human viruses, moving animals and birds mutated.This results in a new subtype of the virus, the immune system to an unfamiliar man who embarks on a journey across the planet.That's an epidemic notorious worldwide avian and swine flu.
But there is good news.Despite the variety of forms and subtypes of viruses, influenza is still treatable, and it must begin immediately if the first symptoms, the virus has not yet had time to fully hit the entire body.At the same time it is best to use a combination of drugs of complex action, such as, for example, AnviMaks.After all, it includes rimantadine - antiviral component.It is this substance helps to suppress the replication (reproduction) of the virus.And even if the disease does come into its own, its flow is not as severe, and the risk of complications is markedly reduced.
other ingredients, such as acetaminophen, or ascorbic acid, help a sick body cope with unpleasant symptoms, such as fever, headache and body aches.Rutoside and calcium gluconate - protect blood vessels from damage typical of influenza.A loratadine prevent the development of edema of the mucous tissue.