Tip 1: How to treat a fungal infection of nails

fungus, who settled on the skin of the feet, can literally and figuratively poison life.And if time does not attend to the control of parasites, and it hit the nails.And the main trouble is not in violation of aesthetics.Onychomycosis not only leads to yellowing and delamination of nail plates, but also to the whole organism toxicity, reduced immunity, the emergence of allergies, aggravation of existing chronic diseases.Therefore, he should immediately declare a merciless war.
you need
  • - local antifungals;
  • - systemic antifungals;
  • - antifungal lacquers;
  • - soap-soda baths;
  • - waterproof plaster.
If you find yourself on a nail fungus, make an appointment with a dermatologist or a mycologist.The specialist will examine you to visually assess the condition of the nails and the degree of damage, make scrapings and send them for analysis.Once the results are received, the physician will determine the type of fungus and prescribe the necessary treatment.Most likely, it will be the u
se of local medicines and common action.
When the nails are not impressed too much is enough, and a local antifungal drug.For example, "Karnizona" "ekzoderil" "Nizoral" "terbinafine" or "mikospor".These tools are manufactured in the form of ointments, creams, and solutions.Apply them to the affected nail fungus should be 2 times a day, but first must make preparations.
Dissolve in warm water a tablespoon of baking soda and about 50 g of grated soap, immerse the foot and hold for 10-15 minutes.Then use a pumice and nail polish set, remove the softened growths.You can now apply antimycotics.
top waterproof glue patch and leave it for a day.Then again, do soap-soda baths and drank themselves sick of the nail.Repeat these manipulations as long as healthy nails grow back completely.
happens that the disease started so that the fungus grew on all nails.Then antifungal drugs have to be taken orally.This "Lamisil" "Orungal" "Diflucan" "Nizoral" and its numerous analogs.But the use of these funds have contraindications: liver or kidney disease, pregnancy, hormonal drugs, and others. In parallel with the systemic therapy can be applied to antifungal nail varnish type "Batrafen."

Tip 2: How to treat a fungal infection of the skin of feet

Infected Foot fungus can be in close contact with the sick person or non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, such as when using other people's towels or a basin for washing.In some cases to get rid of the disease is difficult, but with appropriate therapy is still possible.
How to treat a fungal infection of the skin feet
If you notice a suspicious itching, peeling, or blisters on your feet, immediately visit a dermatologist.The doctor will prescribe a treatment with special creams, which help to eliminate fungal infections of the skin and nails.
order to achieve a speedy recovery spending and supporting measures to eliminate the fungus.Well wash the feet with soap and water.Coat the affected skin wine vinegar or take a foot bath.If the legs are severely impaired, then soak the thin socks with the same vinegar, put on and leave on all night.The procedure is performed every evening until complete disappearance of all symptoms.
Add three liters of water 1 tbsp.l.baking soda and salt.Mix well and soak your feet in a solution.Hold for about 30 minutes and wash your feet under cool water.Treatment is carried out until complete recovery.
Cook very strong coffee and pour it into a bowl, diluted with water to a volume of about 1.5 liters.Soak your feet in warm coffee infusion of about 5 minutes.Gently pat the skin, apply antifungal cream and wear socks.
Crush the garlic and mix it with butter (4 cloves 50 g of oil).Rub the affected areas 2 times a day.Legs pre-wash with warm water and soap or take a bath with salt and soda.
Onion juice also helps treat foot fungus.Grate the onion on a grater, squeeze the juice and rub his feet once a day.
Take the juice of half a lemon.Soak a soft cloth and wrap the legs.Above all Wrap in cellophane and put on woolen socks.Compress hold approximately 2 hours.
If you just started treatment, the fungus will take place in a short period of time.In more advanced stages it can take months of intensive therapy.Therefore, the detection of the first signs do not expect that the disease will pass by itself.
In no case do not use nail files, nail scissors and other supplies for the treatment of sick and healthy nails.
Helpful Hint
After the disappearance of the external signs of the disease hand over control tests to ensure the final victory of the fungus.
  • to get rid of built-up nails on the foot
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