name "flatulentsiya" comes from the Latin word "flatus" which means ejection of gas from the intestine, accompanied by a characteristic sound. The most common gases are discharged from the body during a bowel movement.

Flatulentsiya occurs after ingestion of certain foods that cause flatulence (eg cabbage, beans or rye bread).The reason is too frequent flatulentsy may be irregularities in the bowel, problems with the absorption of carbohydrates and the prevalence of harmful microorganisms in chronic dysbiosis.

Flatulence can be caused by other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).Excessive flatulence is present with pancreatitis, enteritis, colitis, and liver cirrhosis.Violation flatulentsy occurs when there is an acute intestinal infection.Among the other comm
on causes of neurosis, experts note.

comes Flatulence and constipation (constipation) due to the putrid fermentation processes. number of allocated gas per day in healthy people should not exceed 2 liters in volume.

Treatment of flatulence

to eliminate the causes of increased gas, special diets and adjusted diet.At the time of receiving treatment excludes foods that cause flatulence.Appointed adsorbents that absorb toxins and substances that affect the functioning of the intestine.Medications help to reduce the emission of gas and stabilization of microflora.To cure is also required to use a larger amount of water and broth.

To get rid of intestinal parasites and pathogenic environment created by them are appointed by anthelmintic drugs.Then prescribe drugs from dysbiosis that restore the balance of bacteria in the gut. patient is required to give up alcohol, carbonated drinks and soda.It is also desirable to exclude the use of chewing gum and sweets.

When symptoms of bloating, the presence of abdominal pain and blood in the stool should consult a doctor, a gastroenterologist, to get advice and to pass the necessary examinations.Only the right of diagnosis will allow you to choose the most effective method of treatment and exclude more serious diseases.