Anemia during pregnancy and its symptoms

anemia - a disease in which blood hemoglobin decreases.It can develop because of a serious krovepoteri, but mostly we are talking about reducing the level of hemoglobin per unit volume of blood.Thus, the total amount of it may be normal, but the amount of hemoglobin in it can be significantly lower than normal.This observed decrease in the number of red blood cells.

Most often expectant mothers is developing iron-deficiency anemia, since iron is part of hemoglobin.Its origin may be due to several reasons: violation of the digestibility of iron, poor diet, insufficient intake of vitamins in the body, hormonal disruptions.During gestation baby women need many more minerals and vitamins than usual.Iron products they use are not alway
s able to fully meet the needs for the substance.

Symptoms of anemia include the appearance of dizziness, pale skin, brittle nails, heart pain, change in taste preferences.To diagnose it more accurately by a blood test.As a rule, doctors detect the disease during the regular checks.

The anemia is dangerous for pregnant

anemia that develops against the backdrop of pregnancy can pose a serious danger.For the expectant mother increases the likelihood of toxicity.In the later stages of a woman who suffers from anemia may develop preeclampsia.This disease is characterized by the appearance of edema, high blood pressure.

With the development of preeclampsia expectant mother all the organs do not work well, as do not get enough oxygen.The body can not eliminate toxins in full, the liver synthesizes a little protein, which should go to the construction of various cells.

anemia greatly increases the risk of intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth.Very often women suffering from this disease, there are complications in childbirth, bleeding.In the early stages of pregnancy anemia can lead to spontaneous interruption.

After childbirth a woman may experience some problems with lactation.Children born to mothers with anemia, often suffer from infectious diseases, suffer from allergies.

To reduce all the risks, the time necessary to begin treatment of the disease.Usually, it is associated with the use of high quality and variety of food, additional intake of iron-containing preparations.Also, pregnant women often have to relax, come on air.