What should a tourist first-aid kit?The answer to this question depends on many factors: age and general health of the tourist type and duration of travel, time of year etc.In any case it is necessary to put into it anesthetics, such as "Baralgin" "Pentalgin" "Ketorol" Antipyretic - "Aspirin", "Paracetamol" means from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, such as "Mezim" "Lopedium"activated charcoal tablets.Do not interfere, and antispasmodics, such as "No-spa" or "Spazmalgon."And be sure to put the p
ackage validol, because the heart can even grab a healthy, young man.

In order to protect against infection by accidental cuts, scratches or abrasions, useful bactericidal narrow strips of plaster.They take up very little space and is very easy to use.Do not interfere, and iodine pencil cylindrical plastic etui.It is easier and more convenient to use than an alcoholic solution of iodine.In addition, the glass bottle may break from accidental impact and pencil with plastic housing such trouble does not happen.It is advisable to pack a first aid kit in the packaging of sterile bandages - for dressing wounds random.

also suitable disinfecting wipes impregnated with alcohol lotion.Rubbing their hands before eating, avoid tourist travel in gastrointestinal diseases.

In the summer, if a tourist is allergic to certain types of pollen, and even more so to insect bites (mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets), do not forget an antihistamine, such as "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Diphenhydramine".The truth is they, along with good efficiency, there is a side effect - reduction reactions, somnolence.Therefore, if possible, better to replace them with more expensive, but they do not have these side effects of new generation drugs ("Claritin" "Zyrtec", "Tsetrin").

Packaging aid kit, it is necessary to give preference to drugs that people use for a long time, and the action which has experienced first hand.After all, every body is strictly individual.For example, if someone from headache well to "Tsitramon", then it should be taken, together with other analgesics.