pain - a phenomenon which at times faced by all.It signals that the body that something is wrong and causes severe discomfort.An exception are not pregnant women.With intense pain successfully cope painkillers, a wide range of which can be found in any drugstore, but not every medicine you can drink while waiting for the child.Pregnancy - a time to be very careful to pick up drugs, as they have to be as harmless for the future baby.

What painkillers allowed pregnant?

Doctors all over the world agree that the most secure means which can be consumed during pregnancy is normal paracetamol.This drug has not only analgesic, and antipyretic activity, however it can take on any of pregnancy for the treatment of dental pain and headache, as well as to reduce the temperature in colds and flu.It is pr
oved that every habitual antipyretic paracetamol does not have destructive effects on the fetus.Precautions should be taken paracetamol, if a pregnant woman is suffering from any liver disease.
Remember that in the first trimester of pregnancy to 12 weeks, any medications should be taken with caution.If you experience pain in the first trimester should consult with your doctor.

Some believe that is safe during pregnancy analginum, but it is not.Analgin is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women, as it may adversely affect the formation of the cardiovascular system of the fetus and lead to abnormal hematopoietic function.It is also forbidden to receive ketorolac and nimesulide.It should refrain from Nurofen and that in the third trimester can cause deterioration of the amniotic fluid.

If the cause of pain is to reduce the muscle will help antispasmodics based drotaverine and papaverine.With papaverine injections can be administered or suppositories.Doctors often prescribe a treatment for hypertonicity of the uterus, which poses a threat for the further course of pregnancy.In the case of sudden muscle spasms allowed to take 1-2 tablets shpy.

What if a toothache?

Toothache is one of the most painful, difficult to carry it, it becomes a serious stress for the body of a pregnant woman.If the expectant mother a toothache, you should immediately contact your dentist.Treatment can be difficult in the first trimester, when the anesthesia is contraindicated, so the doctor must be sure to report pregnancy.
Rinse concoctions of herbs, which are often treated with a toothache, pregnancy is strictly prohibited.Many herbs have abortifacient effects and may cause miscarriage.
order to temporarily relieve toothache, experts recommend to take a tablet of paracetamol, and not put off visiting the dentist for a long time.