tablets from migraine headache and hypotension

Headache - the main symptom of migraine.During the attack the pain begins suddenly.Affected by the temples and forehead.Before the start of a migraine patient feels tingling and numbness in the legs and arms.The most suitable of the migraine headache are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.These include tablets based on ibuprofen and aspirin.Effectively removes the pain, "Nurofen."It inhibits the mechanism that produces pain symptom.The drug should be taken at the first sign, it will have 20 minutes to feel the relief.An hour later, the headache should disappear completely."Nurofen" rarely causes side are effective and safe for children.In addition to migraine medication helps with stress pain, flu and colds, stress and hangover.Also, the German drug "have" is a highly
effective analgesic.Pain recedes after 10 minutes, and the drug effect lasts 8 hours.Such drugs as "Ibuprom", "IbupromMaks" "Brufen" also reduces inflammation and pain in migraine.

Because of the large blood vessels of the brain tension arises vascular headache.Such pain is observed in patients with hypotension and overvoltage.The pain at elevated pressure helps drugs that enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain.These include medicine "Piracetam."It must be taken within one to two months.Under reduced pressure to get rid of pain pills help by caffeine.It may be "Tsitramon" "sedalgin" "Pentalgin".

Eliminating headaches in pregnancy and stress

liquorodynamic There is pain that is accompanied by arching feelings inside the skull.Headache worse when coughing.These features are characteristic of patients with high blood pressure, swelling, meningitis and head trauma.The main drugs for severe pain liquorodynamic are combined pill.For example, "Nurofen Plus", which is combined with ibuprofen plus codeine "Ibuklin" and "Brustan" consisting of paracetamol and ibuprofen "Novigan" which lithophyte fenpiveriniya bromide and connected with ibuprofen.

Headache often occurs with depression and phobias.In this scenario, other disorders in the body a person is missing.HINDER live only headaches.Get rid of the pain symptoms helps correct treatment, ie,elimination of stress.Doctors recommend to address to the psychotherapist and drink sedatives - "Valerian," "Persia", "Novopassit" and others.

often plagued by headaches during pregnancy.Conditionally permitted use of drugs "No-spa", "Citramon" "Paracetamol" and "Panadol".Contraindicated "Nurofen", "aspirin", "Ergotamine", they can lead to bleeding and uterine contractions.