Instructions for Use "Corvalol»

«Corvalol" is a combination drug, it contains phenobarbital, peppermint oil, ethyl alpha-bromizovalerianovoy acid.The drug has a calming, dilates blood vessels, antispasmodic action, improves natural sleep."Korvolol" prescribed as a sedative agent and dilates blood vessels in the sinus tachycardia, false angina, high pressure, insomnia, vegetative lability, neurotic states, hypochondriacal syndrome, irritability.Thanks antispasmodic drug used in intestinal and biliary colic.

«Corvalol" taken before meals two or three times a day for 15-30 drops.Pre-drops dissolved in 30-50 ml of water.A single dose can be increased to 30-40 drops in vascular spasm, tachycardia.Children appoint 3-15 drops of the drug."Corvalol" tablets take one or two jokes are two to three times a day before meals.When a tachycardia can be taken once to three tablets.

Duration of "Corvalol" determined by the doctor according to indications individually.During the administration of the drug is necessary to observe extreme caution in the management of the mechanisms driving the vehicle, classroom activities requiring concentration, reaction speed.You can not take means with alcohol, which enhances the action of "Corvalol" and aggravates side effects.

«Corvalol": contraindications, side effects

«Corvalol" is contraindicated in severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, during lactation, when diagnosed hypersensitivity.The drug is used with caution during pregnancy."Corvalol" may cause a decrease in heart rate, dizziness, drowsiness, impair the ability to concentrate, allergies.Prolonged intake of the drug can lead to addiction, dependence, cause withdrawal symptoms.

consequences of addiction to natural health: reducing the efficiency of the normal dose leads to the necessity of its increase, resulting in the development and exacerbate symptoms of overdose.Overdose "Corvalol" manifested in the reduction of pressure, inhibition of the nervous system, eye, conjunctivitis, ataxia, chronic poisoning bromide (rhinitis, hemorrhagic diathesis).There are violations of motor coordination depression, apathy).Treatment of overdoses is symptomatic therapy.