«Voltaren» prescribed for degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, particularly for arthritis, spondiloartiritah, osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis.The drug is used for treatment of injuries caused by injury or inflammation of ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints as well as rheumatic affections."Voltaren" prescribed for the treatment of pain in neuralgia, myalgia, sciatica, lumbago, bursitis, some gynecological diseases, biliary colic, migraines. «Voltaren» is available in the form of tablets, rectal suppositories, injections, and creams and gel for external use.

Instructions for use

Adults take "Voltaren" tablets 3 times a day - 50 mg.When pain intensity or the average long-term treatment the daily dose can be reduced to 75-100 mg.When painful menstruation take 50-150 mg a day.Tablets depot t
ake 1 day.

Injection "Voltaren" administered intramuscularly: 1 vial (75 mL) 1 time per day.If necessary, drug administration may be repeated during the day at intervals of several hours.The second stab is necessary to do the opposite buttock.Injections "Voltaren" not recommended for more than 2 consecutive days.

rectal suppositories "Voltaren" administered in a dosage of 100-150 mg per day.This amount of the drug should be taken 2-3 times.

ointment and gel "Voltaren" used externally.To do this, 2-4 g of the drug is applied to the area of ​​inflammation and gently pound (2g - the size of a cherry).Ointment "Voltaren" used 2-3 times the gel - 3-4 times per day.

treatment allows the use of the drug in different forms.The total daily dose "Voltaren" in various forms does not exceed 150 mg.For the treatment of migraine using suppositories and injections.Candles "Voltaren" to ease pain at night is recommended.

daily dose for children is 0.5-2 mg / kg body weight and divided into several times.Children 6-15 years old are taking pills and suppositories rectal dose of 25 mg.The drug is taken 2-3 times a day in an amount not exceeding the maximum daily dose. Tablets should be swallowed whole.This should be considered when determining a single dosage for children.


«Voltaren» contraindicated in peptic ulcer, gastritis, presence of allergic reactions to components of the medication and analgesics, in the III trimester of pregnancy and lactation.The drug is given by injection is not indicated for persons under 18 years of age and pregnant women.Suppositories are not prescribed for hemorrhoids, proctitis and bleeding in the intestines.


drug helps ease the condition when pinched nerves, inflammation of the joints and muscle sprains.There is a significant reduction in pain and inflammation at the beginning of treatment.Also, according to reviews, there is the effectiveness of the tablets and suppositories painful menstruation.The drug can cause side effects, so it must be taken only on doctor's advice.