The main feature of the brain is that it is the only body that does not contain glycogen.For this reason, the nerve cells are very sensitive to lack of oxygen.Five minutes after stopping the blood supply begins death of nerve cells.It is therefore very important to ensure proper blood flow to the body.Great importance is attached to autoregulation, which should maintain a stable blood flow regardless of fluctuations in blood pressure.

Feature drugs that improve blood flow to the brain

Prevention and treatment of insufficiency of blood supply involves the use of vasodilator drugs.They do not allow platelets to stick together, are responsible for normal blood clotting.To improve the blood circulation is also used antispasmodics blockers calcination vessels.

should be noted that there is still no drugs that would act locally only on the vessels of the brain.For this reason, in the preparation of the treatment regimen no small role for anticoagulants and antihypoxants that should restore self-regulation of cerebral blood flow.

How do the drugs

most popular are vasodilators "Cinnarizine" and "Nipodipin."They lead to relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, increased lumen.The difference of these drugs from these is that they do not reduce blood pressure and do not affect the overall circulatory system.

Anticoagulants can help protect the brain from blood clots.They block the formation of fibrin and quickly resolves oud existing clots.These drugs are "Heparin", "Fenilin" and some others.

Antiplatelet agents prevent the aggregation of platelets and red blood cells.Because of this, they do not stick to the walls of blood vessels.The most famous is "Aspirin".

Today there are many different medications that have a beneficial effect not only on the blood supply to the brain and improve memory, brain cell metabolism.These tools include "Etsifobol", "Aktovegin", "Vazobral" and others.They enhance the nerve impulses, accelerate the processing of glucose by nerve cells, remove free drugs.

Despite the fact that there is now a large number of drugs have a beneficial effect on the brain, it is worth remembering, they may appoint a doctor.The fact that those agents which act on the general state of blood flow can cause the opposite effect if used incorrectly.