Antibiotics should not be taken in cases such as SARS uncomplicated - nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, viral tonsillitis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and herpes.If a history of uncomplicated acute respiratory viral infections are present recurrent otitis, rickets, lack of weight, long-term low-grade fever, antibiotics appropriate.He showed in this case, and the presence of fungi, cancer and autoimmune diseases, birth defects, immune system, goiter, chronic diarrhea and HIV.
mandatory use of antibiotics in acute respiratory infections, if present in the history of purulent complications of purulent sinusitis, suppurative lymphadenitis, peritonsillar abscess and downstream l
aryngotracheitis.In the same category are: anaerobic streptococcal or angina, acute otitis media, inflammation of the sinuses, long-purulent rhinitis mucous and SARS.However, doctors recommend the use of monotherapy - treatment is only one antibacterial drug.
Antibiotics for acute respiratory complications as possible should be taken orally as intravenous and intramuscular administration is more traumatic and increases the risk of infection.The most preferred antibiotic for the treatment of acute respiratory disease is considered "Amoxicillin", because it is better absorbed in the intestinal tract, and less likely to cause goiter.When ARI is not recommended to use antibiotics on the basis of co-trimoxazole, which is a very high risk of side effects.
The effectiveness of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections is determined by a decrease in body temperature in the first 36-48 hours (it must fall below 38 ° C).If this does not occur, the antibiotic used is replaced with another drug, not applying the standard antipyretic medications that can grease the picture of the antibiotic.The duration of antibiotic treatment is dependent on the success of the suppression of vital activity of the virus, in addition, we need to continue therapy for a few days after the onset of effect, to finally deal with potential complications.If antibiotic therapy is complicated and poorly helps various negative factors, the patient hospitalization.