Medical abortion is performed using the drug "Mifepristone", its analogues or derivatives.The drug was synthesized in France in 1980, when its correct application efficiency is about 99-99,6%.Unsuccessful attempts to contact the incorrect use of the drug, the use of 42 days after a missed period, the use of expired, counterfeit drugs and incomplete examination of women, as in some conditions the effectiveness of "Mifepristone" is reduced.Today in Russia, about 10% of unwanted pregnancies are interrupted medication.Expansion of regional MMI programs, early diagnosis of pregnancy and increase the level of education o
f women contributes to the spread of this method.
usually used in antenatal clinics "Mifepristone", but the drug can be replaced with the same or be offered a choice of several drugs.If the program does not imply the MLA free medical abortion, a woman may be the life of the prescription, after the acquisition of the drug it is necessary to come to the antenatal clinic.A woman undergoing tests to identify contraindications and if the latter is not found, then it comes to a reception at the appointed day.On the eve of a visit to the doctor can not drink alcohol, spicy, fatty, fried foods.Usually taking the drug administered in the morning that a woman could control their condition throughout the day.For 1.5-2 hours before the expected time of reception is necessary for breakfast (light food).Tablets are drunk in the presence of a doctor.The water is allowed to bring with them.Within 2 hours the patient is at least in the antenatal clinic, after examination of the woman doctor or go home, or offer to continue monitoring.
36-48 hours after receiving "mifepristone" a woman should report to your doctor to determine the level of hCG in the blood and ultrasound control.If abortion does not happen, appoint an additional dose or offer to conduct an abortion by vacuum aspiration.After 10-14 days after the first dose "mifepristone" makes reference ultrasound.If the ovum or the remains in the uterus is not detected, set the date prophylactic administration, which contraceptive method is selected and will be given an explanation for the subsequent surveys.If the abortion has not occurred in the womb found the remains of the ovum, or non-viable fertilized egg, the woman will be offered the method of vacuum aspiration.
drug is effective only up to 42 days delayed menstruation, does not apply in cases of pregnancy in patients receiving oral contraceptives, with ectopic pregnancy in women who use IUDs.There are a number of contraindications, including internal diseases and diseases of the reproductive system, diseases of the blood and increased sensitivity to the drug.The risk of complications of medical abortion is much lower than in the method of vacuum aspiration.Doctors recommend to resort to abortion only in extreme cases.After an abortion, you must choose a reliable method of contraception.