When a woman's body produces insufficient amounts of the hormone, there is a danger, a threat to abortion.To help a woman save baby prescribers "Djufaston" and "Utrozhestan" having in his part of the hormone progesterone. hormone progesterone progestogens refers to - female sex hormones that are produced in the ovaries.Even before fertilization, this hormone prepares the uterus for embryo adoption and stimulates development of mammary glands.

Feature "duphaston»

«Djufaston" - a good synthetic analogue of natural progesterone.In its structure and pharmacological effects of it is close to the body produces the hormone progesterone.The drug is well absorbed by the body when taken orally.

«Djufaston" is not a derivative of testosterone, therefore has no specific side effects:
- does not cause symptoms of female characteristics, if the fetus is male;
- does not affect the coagulation of blood and fetal liver function;
- does not cause problems with the skin, roughness of the vocal cords, increased hairiness on the body of the fetus;
- does not cause changes in glucose and lipid composition of the blood.

unique matching "duphaston" natural hormone progesterone, allows its use for hormonal support during pregnancy and reduces the incidence of preterm birth.Newborns rarely observed hypoxia (oxygen starvation), and less likely to have children underweight at birth.

contraindications of the drug is a hypersensitivity to the components.When you receive may cause uterine bleeding, so you need to consult an expert.

Features "utrozhestan»

«Utrozhestan" - natural progesterone produced from plant material.That is in contrast to the drug "Djufaston", leading to differences in the effects of medication.

"Utrozhestan" as "Djufaston" has no effect on body weight and blood pressure increases.Suitable "Urozhestan" as the amount of testosterone in women. testosterone - the male sex hormone, is involved in the development of male sexual organs, secondary sexual characteristics and regulating sexual behavior.

Before the drug can increase the temperature inside the body.Also, you may experience drowsiness or dizziness occasionally.

Determine which of the drugs is better - it is impossible, since they are appointed individually, depending on the evidence.Taking medications, you must strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations and observations in the case of any change to see a specialist.