How does "Visan»

«Visan" in a woman's body inhibits the action of estrogen (female sex hormones) that stimulate hormone-dependent growth of the endometrium.With prolonged use of the active ingredient binds to specific receptors and slow disease processes.In the end, the opposite occurs in the uterus of endometriosis.In the opinion of the drug effectively prevents the recurrence of the disease.The tool is not addictive.

«Visan" should be used only on prescription.Before taking the means necessary to exclude pregnancy.Treatment can be started on any day of the monthly cycle.Assign 1 tablet per day, preferably in their drinking the same time.The reception continued for 6 months.Tablets are taken regardless of meals, drinking a small amount of liquid.If you want to prevent pregnancy during treatment "visa" should use non-hormon
al methods of contraception (eg barrier).

Efficiency "Visan" may decrease with passage of tablets, and also in cases of diarrhea and / or vomiting, if they occur within 3-4 hours after ingestion.When you miss one or more of the techniques you need to drink 1 tablet immediately and the following day to continue taking the drug at the usual time.Instead of pills that are not metabolized due to vomiting or diarrhea, you should drink another.

«Visan": contraindications, side effects

«Visan" is contraindicated in allergy to its components, vascular disease (phlebothrombosis, thrombophlebitis), diseases of the liver and kidneys, accompanied by severe violations of their functions, diabetes complicated with vascular lesions,vascular atherosclerosis, cancer diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, in postmenopausal women.

Side effects usually occur during the 1st month of receipt, they may be held with continued use of the drug.The most common side effects include: headaches, fatigue, weight gain, abdominal pain, decreased libido, vomiting, nausea, mood disorder, spotting bleeding from the genitals.

Rarer manifestations of side effects: anemia, dizziness, gastrointestinal inflammatory disease, urinary tract inflammation, weight loss, depression.Overdose "visa" is characterized by a sharp increase in these symptoms develop liver and kidney failure, blood clots appear different localization.