source of SARS spread of pathogens can only be a person, regardless of whether the patient he or virus carrier.The penetration of infectious agents into the body is through the upper respiratory tract.They also begins a rapid development of the disease.Viruses are attached to the cells of the mucosa, have a devastating effect on them and thus cause the symptoms of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
At the beginning of the disease contracted the virus SARS people experiencing only mild symptoms such as sore throat and slight pain in the eyes.However, he does not feel sick and do not see any obstacles for the continuation of his usual daily activities.This last stage of the disease can be from a few hours to a couple days.
Then the virus enters the bloodstream and with the blood begin to spread throughout the body.At this stage of the disease there is an active selection of protective substances, the body tries to resist a virus attack, the patient may have lost.He feels weakness, feeling tired.There is a so-called intoxication SARS virus.
body begins to reject viruses.There is a cleaning of the upper airways, which manifests itself in the form of a cold and sneezing.Infected epithelial cells while leaving the body and the air way into the respiratory tract of healthy people.At least mitigate the effects of infection the patient overcomes cough.Prior to the complete recovery of the nasal mucus, phlegm and saliva of an infected person can transmit SARS infection.
Depending on the degree of intoxication, symptoms and severity of the patient, distinguish mild, moderate, severe and very severe course of acute respiratory viral infection.
United SARS treatment program does not exist.Most often struggle with the disease is aimed at the elimination of its accompanying symptoms.The basis of the symptomatic treatment of SARS - receiving combined antiviral agents that can quickly relieve the patient of nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, sore throat and other symptoms characteristic of infection.
is particularly recommended for the simultaneous elimination of the symptoms of SARS and to combat the virus is considered to be a drug "AnviMaks."In its structure there are not only substances with antipyretic, analgesic and antiviral effect, but also the components that contribute to the development of interferon, providing an antihistamine effect, compensates for the deficiency of vitamin C and protect the cardiovascular system."AnviMaks" eliminates the symptoms and signs of SARS, and avoids appearing often as a result of delayed or improper treatment of complications.