Unfortunately, young mothers dads do not listen to the advice of doctors.That is why more and more can be seen long lines of children of parents with a child neurologists and psychologists.Also, a lot of stress on children have a quarrel parents, their nervousness and depression.

Doctors advise to protect children from all sorts of stress, so as not to traumatize the child's psyche.If this can not be avoided, should resort to medical treatment of children's excitability and hyperactivity.If you do not want to stuff your child infancy sedatives that can bring not only benefit, how much damage you can take advantage of people's ways.


In addition, drugstores different children and soothing herbal extracts that help relieve nervous excitability of the child. Herbal like drugs should be taken with caution, and only on the advice of a physician.

good properties have herbal tea herbal "Children's soothing."It gives even the kids to normalize sleep when the baby sleeps badly, naughty dream or confuses daytime wakefulness to sleep at night.Also, herbal tea has a good effect on the child's anxiety and mood of children.Treatment continued for one month, if necessary, treatment can be repeated.

Children's collection "The soothing" give the kid when you need to relieve stress, anxiety, tearfulness, or hyperexcitability.Collection has a mild action it is safe for the baby, so it is prescribed, even infants.

Homeopathic remedies

Also, children can be given homeopathic remedies.For example, drugs such as "Knott" or "Dormikind" help children cope with stress and anxiety.They are available in tablet form."Dormikind" because of its safety and hypoallergenic can be given even to infants and newborns, does not require a prescription.
Before you give preference to a drug, remember that my mother's love and attention is often more effective for the child's nervous system than pills and teas.

Another good drug that can safely give your child is a baby sedative "tenoten."It normalizes the behavior of the child, gently adjusting his nervous system, and the product - a pretty strong sedative drug that does not inhibit the nervous system.