Who should take pills to improve memory

in pharmacies there are so many pills that can improve the metabolic processes in the brain and significantly improve memory.To choose the right drug, you should consult a specialist.

Typically, this group of drugs prescribed by the doctor neurologist.His patients have not only impaired memory, and decreased concentration, cerebrovascular accident, caused by various reasons, brain injury.

But there are less severe cases and situations where it is necessary to use drugs to improve memory.This period of session of the students, age, hard work.Then also need to use a temporary nootropics.Recipe may prescribe even a therapist, if he sees the need.

tablets to improve memory

Drugs that can improve the metabolic processes in the brain, called nootropics.The most famous of these is' Piracetam. "Its effect is distributed directly on brain cells.As a result of receiving "piracetam" saturation of the brain cells of oxygen and glucose becomes more active, normal transmission of nerve impulses and the defenses of the brain are activated.

It should be borne in mind that "piracetam" has many contraindications and even the side effects, especially on the part of the digestive system.His technique can lead to an aggravation of gastritis, occurrence of abdominal pain, sleep disturbance.

more modern and secure is a French drug "Tanakan."Its active ingredient is the ginkgo, which in addition to the above effects, improves vascular tone of arteries and veins of the brain does not give free radicals to form and to influence the cells.

Since "Tanakan" - a herbal pill, the most common side effects are allergic reactions to the drug.If in the first days of admission there is dizziness, which later disappears, it is considered the norm.

Still, doctors recommend not to start with the most powerful drugs.Optimal for improving memory function is a method of "Glycine".It not only improves metabolic processes in the brain cells, but also has a calming and antidepressant action.