for the most part about the tests from the company Evitest respond well.Their efficiency and reliability of about 98% out of 100. The test reveals pregnancy at a very early period.Production is delivered in Russia under the name of the German company HELM Pharmaceuticals Gmbh.This test differs acceptable price and high reliability.

pregnancy test: reliability

test reacts to the presence of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine.Applied to the strip specially designed reagents which, in contact with the hormone to be painted.

important to follow certain rules to improve the reliability of the test:

- you need to evaluate the results no later than ten minutes after the procedure;
- do not use several times the same test;
- no need to use expired tests;
- test should be stored in a dark place;
- it is desirable to carry out a home study in t
he morning;
- do not drink a lot of water before the procedure.

If you want to be confident in the reliability of the test, you should use it within ten days after ovulation.In this situation Evitest show a perfect result.You can be sure of its reliability.

The positive qualities of the test include:

- high accuracy;
- increased sensitivity of the test;
- the ability to apply the test in any place convenient for you;
- possible to determine early pregnancy;
- sterility.

When gestational age is only a few days, the test may appear two strips, which can be distinguished only with difficulty.It is advisable to re-test a few days later.If you still have doubts about the reliability of these tests, you should visit a gynecologist and get tested for HCG.

Dosing test Evitest One

necessary to remove the test from the package, try not to get water on it.Beforehand collect urine in a small container.Dip the test strip into the urine and wait a few seconds.Then put the test on a level, dry surface.You can evaluate the result after 5 minutes.

How to evaluate the test results

Follow the instructions for this test.Two bars indicate pregnancy.The complete absence of bars - the test carried wrong, or it is not suitable for diagnostics.This is due to improper storage of the test.

You can purchase test of several companies, in this case, the probability of getting the correct result increases.In the event that you find yourself pregnant, you will need to visit a gynecologist and to register.