you need
  • Calming bath:
  • - herb thyme, marjoram, motherwort, valerian;
  • - water.
  • - children's granulated tea;
  • - «reassuring» collection;
  • - homeopathic remedies.
Most sedatives for children are various herbal infusions.In each such drug has clear instructions for use: appropriate dosage recommendations and side effects.Despite this, sedatives in tablets can be given to children only when prescribed by a qualified specialist (neurologist).
often as a sedative for children parents used herbal teas.As a rule, the composition of such drugs include valerian, mint, lemon balm and motherwort.Also to restore the nervous system of a child, the possibility of consultations with a psychologist.
After a stressful situatio
n, the child becomes noticeably closed and easily excitable.Also, it could disturb insomnia.There are some ways to help calm the baby.For example, a bath before bedtime.For its preparation is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons collection of herbs Leonurus, marjoram, thyme and valerian.This mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water.After 15 minutes, the infusion is filtered and added to the bath with warm water.This is a very effective sedative, for both children and adults.
Various types of finished granular children soothing teas also have a positive impact.Examples of these drugs include the following teas: Hipp, Beby Vita, HUMANA, and others. For example, Hipp can give the baby from the second month of life.The composition of this soothing tea include substances such as dextrose, lime blossom extract, lemon balm, chamomile.They help to calm the child and improve his sleep.
«Restful" collection for children in contrast to the majority of these funds can be used to relieve or prevent the possible stress on the child.Also, this collection has an effective calming effect and helps with hysteria and insomnia.You can purchase it at a pharmacy.Allow it means without a prescription.
6 If nervousness kid associated with cutting bits or the child flinches during sleep, it can help homeopathic remedies.These include: "Dormikind", "Knott".The main thing we should not forget that various nervous disorders a child can leave a deep mark in later life.That is why parents must protect their children from possible stress.