How to choose the ointment

Before going to buy the ointment, you must always consult with your primary doctor.Do not forget that many components of ointments may adversely affect the health of the unborn child.Avoid ointments, which is composed of toxins and irritants - they can easily penetrate into the blood and enter the placenta, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.Buy ointment is only necessary in a specialized pharmacy.

carefully read the composition of the selected ointment - it must be free of substances that cause your allergies.

so-called "massage ointment" that can occ
ur in conventional cosmetic stores do not always have the necessary certification and correct natural structure.It is also necessary to carefully check the expiration date of the selected product.The optimal solution for pregnant women will purchase ointment consisting of only natural ingredients - it is worth paying attention to such herbal remedies as "Artrolayt" or "Malawi┬╗.As an emergency analgesic with a sharp pain, you can use a long proven tools such as "Menovazin" and "Nurofen Gel."

How to use the ointment

Before using the ointment, you must make sure that the facility will not cause an allergic reaction.For this small amount of ointment is applied to the elbow bend.If within twenty-four hours on the skin did not have itching, redness or irritation, the ointment can be used without harm to health.Please add the therapeutic effect of ointments can be food rich in calcium, which helps to relieve back pain by strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Apply the ointment can only be clean, not irritated skin without damage and open wounds that do not aggravate.

agent must be carefully warmed in the hands and apply a neat first massaged along the spine, and then across the waist.After that, you must give the ointment a little time to sink in and she was able to provide comfort and warmth back (need to cover yourself with a blanket, use a bandage or shawl).After the procedure is necessary for an hour and a half to stay in peace and quiet.It is best to massage with warming and analgesic ointments to spend before going to bed, so that the body could rest and recover.