treatment, to be effective and safe, you need to start immediately with the appearance of the primary symptoms of colds.This may be sneezing, runny or stuffy nose area.

most effective drugs for colds

can begin treatment with "Anaferon", which is very effective from the first day.In "Anaferon" contains extracts of vegetable origin, it can take even the kiddies.The drug helps activate the immune forces of the body, which are beginning to actively fight the disease.A virus when receiving "Anaferon" lose their ability to reproduce.Take your medicine is according to the diagram, which is presented in this manual.Subject to all rules, the recovery occurs quickly enough.The drug can be taken in the season of colds, to activate the immune system and do not get sick.

very popular treatment for viral diseases is "Arbidol".It is also necessary to start taking immediately after the occurrence of the primary symptoms of the disease.The medicine is available in capsules that are easy even a child can swallow."Arbidol" suppresses viral agents work, increases the resistance of the human body.It can also be used as a preventive drug in the season of SARS.

¬ęRemantadin" - this is the most affordable means of treating diseases of this kind.This drug supports the immune system, acting on the viruses.The downside is that it can not accept children under 15 years.And the negative effects and contraindications have "rimantadine" much more.It is recommended for people with a lack of acceptance of kidney diseases and liver.

But many when a cold start to take such means as "Theraflu", "Coldrex."The composition of these powders contain substances that reduce pain and temperature - is often paracetamol, caffeine, a small dose of ascorbic acid.Of course, for the treatment of these drugs are simply useless.

Medicines that can be taken from the first day of the disease

Due to the fact that working people can not time to begin treatment, many drugs do not help them.Yet there is a solution.The drug "Kogatsel" can be taken from the first day of the disease.Of course, the course is necessary to buy 2 packs, and the price they bite, but a cold or flu receding.

¬ęKogatsel" contributes to enhanced synthesis of interferon, which helps fight the virus and protect the body.