you need
  • - SNILS child
  • - a policy of compulsory medical insurance
  • - child's birth certificate
  • - registration or registration of the child
According to the GovernmentRF, every child is entitled to free medicines under the age of 3 years, and in the large and poor families - up to 6 years.Unfortunately, not all parents are informed of this, and pediatricians are not always in a hurry to disclose such information.
often happens that in the case of illness of a child, child local doctor just writes regimen.But if a parent suddenly asked about the free medicine, says that the list is not appropriate for this case, or that they have a much lower quality than that recommended them.It is clea
r that the health of the child is not the economy, and many are going to buy what they wrote.
names of medicines that are free of charge, are listed in a special list.They are many and they cover the main areas of treatment of childhood diseases.They include antipyretic drugs: "Nurofen for children," "Paracetamol" and others;cough medicine, "Bromhexine", etc .;antibiotics "Augmentin" "amoxicillin", etc .;antihistamines "Suprastin" "Zirtek", etc .;Vitamins: "Multi-tabs Baby," "Vitamin D", etc .;Antiviral "Viferon" "Arbidol", etc .;medicines for stomach pains "Smecta" and many other drugs.If necessary medication not on the list for free, a special commission may consider to give it to you, if there are vitally important and can not be replaced by another.
For free medicines necessary in children's clinic to provide documents on the child: a policy of compulsory medical insurance, SNILS - just for observation in the clinic do not need it, child's birth certificate and registration or registration at the placeservice.
If your child is attached to this clinic and children's doctor refuses to give you a prescription to free medication, even though it is on the list, then you can appeal to the chief doctor, and then - to the Ministry of Health.Your claim will be certainly considered and clinic waiting long and unpleasant test.
To get drugs for free, you need a prescription from the doctor, and then contact the pharmacy, which delivers the drug.Not all pharmacies accept free prescriptions.Addresses you can watch them online or read in your clinic.