should be puzzled strengthening immunity.In order not to catch a cold, you need to eat right, as for the good functioning of the body needs vitamins, proteins and minerals.In addition, you need to lead an active life, do exercises in the morning, a variety of sports, a lot of walking.Good prevention from cold - hardening.You can take a contrast shower, go to the bath or sauna.To strengthen the immune system, it is advisable to buy immunostimulatory agents such as "ehinatsin", "Immunal."
There is a huge selection of cold medicine, successfully fighting its first signs of weakness, high fever and a runny nose.These include: "Coldrex", "Theraflu", "Fervex."The most safe and effective is "Fervex" he has a short list of contraindications, in addition,
it is prescribed to children 6 years of age.At the heart of the drug has paracetamol, which is considered safer than aspirin.Keep in mind that these drugs can not overcome the inflammatory processes, so treat them have already developed the disease does not make sense.
If diagnosed a viral illness, then immediately have to take interferon, and further immunoglobulin preparations.At the beginning of the disease is a very effective means of "Arbidol".He is able to shorten the duration of illness and reduce the likelihood of complications.In addition, it has virtually no side effects.Another effective remedy - "Antigrippin."
to fight colds can be used and folk remedies.As soon as the first signs of a cold, it is necessary to act immediately.This is very good raspberry jam, honey.This is a very effective natural means of lowering the temperature.After a hot tea with honey or jam should take shelter with a blanket and warm for several hours.
If you have a sore throat, you can rinse it with a solution of baking soda, salt and a few drops of iodine.Will also help the grass, for example, the infusion of eucalyptus, chamomile has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.With a cold, there is quite simple but effective tool: it is necessary to warm your feet in a basin of hot water, stir it in mustard powder.After a warm foot rub turpentine ointment, put on warm socks.
the aid of a cold can come onions and garlic.Bulb must be cut nose and inhale the smell of onion several times a day.A crush the garlic, make cotton swabs soaked in garlic, and put them in the nasal passages, like so for some time.