order was painless hair removal, you need to choose the right time to carry it out.So, for two or three days after the end of the next menstruation pain threshold is lowered in women, and then hair removal procedure takes much less discomfort.Not recommended for hair removal during menstruation, after a hard week of pregnancy, the disease caused by the rise in temperature, skin lesions of various kinds.
To reduce the pain of hair removal, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin before the procedure.Warm choked sauna will open the pores and allow removing hair follicles as comfortable as possible.But what not to do, so it's hard to use a washcloth and scrub
s before epilation, otherwise you can only increase the irritation.
Immediately after hair removal, you can use ice cubes to cool off the skin.This will remove a little soreness.And in order to disinfect the skin after hair removal, you can take the special water to make ice-based decoctions and infusions of chamomile, succession, plantain.
to slightly reduce the pain before the procedure can drink a glass of vodka or cognac (of course, if it is not contraindicated because of their age or state of health).Alcohol dulls a little sensation.
Make epilation is completely painless with traditional medicine is unlikely.But among modern medicines have enough effective means.
So, before you can make an epilation of a mixture of ice and water, Novocaine (2 to 1).Immediately before the procedure is necessary to wipe the skin with ice so to achieve a small feeling of numbness.Just before plucking the hair skin should be dry.
effective when anesthetic lidocaine epilation.Conventional spray has an affordable price and with the right application is almost completely eliminates the pain.Since the spray is used for anesthesia of mucous, it acts on the skin is significantly worse.To enhance the effect of the drug, it is necessary to put it in a sufficiently large amount, to close the food wrap and kept for at least half an hour.Check whether the desired effect, you can simple click on the treated area with a fingernail.
modern solution for pain relief before the hair removal is a cream "Elma".It includes not only lidocaine and prilocaine but.The cream is designed for surface anesthesia of the skin, so it will be very effectively during epilation.To numb the skin, you are not too thin to put it in place for future hair removal, apply a special bandage or plastic wrap and let stand an hour, after which the remains should be removed.The action of the cream will last about two hours.This is sufficient to carry out the procedure of hair removal.Cream has practically no contraindications, but the cost of it is high enough.
To make hair removal painless, you can choose any of the following methods or a combination of them.When using medications be sure to follow the instructions, and before using consult your doctor.